Youtube is a site where you can upload videos. Even though it's not a music only site, it's the biggest platform for music streaming (2015).


How to make a viral video Edit

This is not a guide that will lead you into fame just by following every advice I give you, but the list belows shows a couple of things that will increase the chances to get a viral hit on Youtube. And remember, most of the videos that go viral were probably not made solely for that purpose.

  • Ask people to share the video to their friends. Asking for sharing will always increase the chances for getting shared online.
  • Connect your video to a hot pop culture phenomenon.
  • Give the video an attractive name. Try to come up with something that stands out and will make people click on the link.
  • Be relatable. People love to relate to things.
  • Be provocative. This is not a super safe advice, it may be a success but it can also result in a disaster. Or in that no one cares about your video.
  • Make it funny. If you have a sense of humour and timing and you know that you can make anyone laugh, then it may help you to add some humourous content.
  • Keep it simple. If you want to get success online, be sure to create a video that's easy to understand and that cannot be misunderstood.
  • Create something new and fresh. A good way to impress on people with your video is to make them fascinated or inspired. They will never share you're video if it's something they have already seen.
  • Make a great video. This advice is the most important. If you follow every point I've written but don't make an interesting video, no one will watch it and no one will share it.

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