Writing music and creating songs is all about creativity and your freedom as an artist. There are a lot of general tips on how to market music, but when it comes to creating music, the most is up to you.

You can always be influed by your favourite artists, and I think it's impossible not to be that. When you write your first songs, they may end up as a copy of artists that you use to listen to, but if you write more you will sooner or later start creating your own style.

A very useful advice is to write something every day. It doesn't have to be a whole song, but just something. That's a bullet-proof way to succeed as a songwriter.

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These tips may be used to get a "hit", or make a catchy song. It's not a recipe for a great song.

  • Make a good first impression. People don't have a very long attention span, so if you can impress the listener in the first 5 seconds, it can make them stay through the whole song.
  • Make a simple and recognizable hook. The hook of a song is maybe not always the best part, but it's most often what sticks in your head after listening to a song.

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