Having an own website for your music may belong to the past according to some people, but a lot of the experts and blogs tell you that you actually should have your own website. In this page, I will show you a couple of arguments to why you should have your own website as an independent musician.

Reasons to have a website Edit

  • It makes you look professional.
  • Social media platforms disappear, and new ones are created. If you make a platform that's 100% yours, it will always be there no matter the trends.
  • You have total control. You can design your website how you want.
  • Those who visit your website have a higher sales conversion ratio than 3rd party platforms, like Soundcloud.
  • You can create a fan page-like area where only your fans hang out.
  • All your information and content is in one place. Instead of clicking between your Youtube page, your Bandcamp page and your social media profiles, everything that's about you is on one platform.
  • A lot of people aren't on Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud. It may be tough to find them, but when you do, they're probably gonna use your website as the source to your music.

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