Twitter is a social media site where every post you make is limited to 140 characters.


When to post Edit

  • The best days to post material on Twitter are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • At 1 PM (13:00) you'll get the most retweets.

Useful tips Edit

Here follows a couple of tips that may be useful to learn if you want to become successful on Twitter as a musician.

  • Write a good bio, so your followers easily understand who you are and what you do.
  • Follow other people. Maybe they will follow back!
  • Start and join conversation, and make connections with people.
  • Ask for retweets. If you want more retweets, you can also make it a habit to retweet other people's stuff.
  • Don't spam your content, most of your tweets should probably be non-promotion stuff if you don't wanna be hated.

Profile pictures Edit

  • The recommended size of your profile picture is 400x400 pixles.
  • The recommended size of your background image is 1500x500 pixles.

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