Soundcloud is a site where you upload sounds. You can follow people and people can follow you. Everything you upload will be seen in your follower's feed. The interface is very simple and easy to use.


Reach out to people Edit

If you wanna get people to see your profile and to listen to your music, first of all, you have to produce great stuff. When that is done, there are some tips that may be useful:

  • Follow other accounts who make music similar to yours. There's a big chance that they will follow back.
  • Go through your feed, listen to the songs and give them feedback.
  • Send your songs to your followers, or just start conversations with them through the message function. Don't be to spammy, almost no one likes that.
  • Post your songs into groups. Find groups that has a name that suits your musical style. You can't post the same song into more than 75 groups!

Get people to stay Edit

When you have reached out to people, you have to present good music and a good experience to them, otherwise they will probably leave. You want them to have a good time at your account and you want them to come back. These tips can be used at a lot of other places, not only Soundcloud:

  • Make a good description about yourself.
  • Use appealing profile picture and cover picture.
  • Write metadata about your songs (genre tags, description, record label, etc)
  • Make a good structure on your page so visitors doesn't get lost.

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