Here follows some useful tips if you want to become a better social media musician. These rules can be applied on almost any social media platform out there.

  • Don't post more than 20% marketing content. 80% (or more) should be non-promotional stuff.
  • Start conversations with people.
  • Write your own posts. Don't hire a staff to do it.
  • Be genuine. People love that. And they will get to know the real you.
  • Post shareable content.
  • Engage your followers. Ask them questions, start competitions, whatever engages people.
  • Don't disappear. Be consistent and post something once a day, don't disappear for one week and then come back to promote your new song.
  • Quality before quantity. Your followers will grow tired if you post stuff all the time.
  • Analyze your stats. If you've got the possibility to see your stats, who reads your posts, when do they get retweets/shares, where do your followers live, etc, then use this to your advantage.
  • Link between your different pages. If you have more than one platform, make sure that each one of them links to the others, so people can find your different places on the web.
  • Use high quality audio and video. Really good media quality will make you stand out from the majority of the social media users.

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