There are a lot of ways to release an album, and a lot of places to release the album on. If you don't want to release it on a physical CD, there are a lot of sites that you can use, both for uploading the album and for market your album.

If you're releasing an EP, the process is probably going to look the same as it would do for an album release, with the difference that it takes less time.

How is the best way to release an album? The old fashioned way is to release all the songs the same day, but today when there's so much music out there, it could be a good idea to spread it out and maybe release one song a week, or one song a month. Then your fans can focus on every song.

Tips Edit

  • It doesn't suit everyone, but to define a deadline for the album release may be a good thing to do.
  • Don't wait with the final mastering until the album release date. Make your songs are done and ready to be released a few weeks before the release (or even more time back), then there's no risk for stress.

Where to upload Edit

Where to market Edit

  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ...)
  • Your blog or website (if you have that).
  • Send email, Soundcloud messages, etc. to your followers.
  • Make connections with other bloggers, so they maybe will write about your current or your next release.
  • Spread other people's music and help other people, they will probably be helpful to you.

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