Mixing is what you usually do when the process of creating a song is done, and you want to make it sound better. Adjust volumes, EQ, compress the sound, etc.

It's very important that you are satisfied with the sounds even before you start mixing. You can fix a lot with mixing and effects, but not everything.

Things to do Edit

  • Adjust volumes for each track. Make small adjustments on every track to make all the instrument sound as loud as you want to.
  • Adjust EQ for each track. When you give each track its specifik EQ settings, the song will become less noisy and confusing to listen to.
  • Use compression. If the volume goes up and down and differs too much, there's a good idea to compress the sound of each tracks that doesn't have a stable volume. Otherwise it will be hard to enjoy the song. Don't compress to much though! It's a fine line between too little compression and too much compression.
  • Pan the tracks. Some of the instrument may sound better if they is in the right or left speaker. All of the tracks should at least not lie in the middle.
  • Use hi-cut & lo-cut. You usually want to erase the lowest frequences to make the song sound more clearly.

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