A mailing list is a service that lets you to automatically send emails to a list of email adresses. This is an effective way to update your fans and listeners about your music. You can send them songs, news, etc.

Useful tips Edit

Here's a couple of ways to get more people to subscribe your mailing list, and how to get them to stay and enjoy your content.

  • Be sure to keep a high quality. If you make every email interesting and send your fans great content, the risk for them to leave will decrease.
  • Involve your fans.
  • Give away exclusive stuff. If you sometimes give away a free song exclusively to your mailing list subscribers, you can use that as a decoy.
  • Give something in exchange for an email address. Your fans should be rewarded!
  • Put an email signup box on your website. This is an effective way to get people aware of your mailing list.

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