Facebook is the well known social media platform where you connect with friends and family, but it can also be used to create groups and fan pages.


Facebook page Edit

On Facebook, you can easily create a page for your music. Tell people about the page and ask for them to like it, and then you post whatever you wanna post on it. Be sure to upload stuff that's NOT marketing now and then, otherwise people will probably become tired at you.

The bad thing about the Facebook pages is that if your post doesn't get enough reactions very fast, it will not be shown to people. If you don't have a big following, your posts will most likely disappear from people's feeds.

Facebook group Edit

In a Facebook group, everyone can make posts and discuss with each others. The group is a great substitute for the Facebook page, if you want to start a community around you as a musician and your music.

When to post? Edit

  • At 1 PM (13:00) you'll get the most shares.
  • At 3 PM (15:00) you'll get the most likes.

Profile pictures Edit

  • The profile picture needs to be at least 180x180 pixles.
  • The cover photo must be at least 399x150 pixles.

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