It may seem hard to know where to start when no one knows who you or your band are. How to start the buzz and the awarness about you as a musician?

The first steps Edit

  • Try to define your image and style. Create a logo. Make your profiles on the different platforms look attractive.
  • Get out and do gigs! This wiki is about being a musician on the web, but playing music live is always a good addition.
  • Connect with people & other musicians. Don't send messages with links to your songs, but conversate with people IRL, on social media platforms, and all other places where it's possible. They will maybe like you and then they may click on the links you post in the future.
  • Make sure your music is good enough.
  • Be active on your platforms. Write stuff, post stuff. It may take a while until people reacts on your posts, but if you don't start, they will of course never even know you exist.

Make your fanbase stay Edit

  • Listen to them. If you send your songs to people, don't forget to listen to their songs when they send to you.
  • Thank them for the support.
  • Keep consistens and release music with high quality.

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